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Brittany Bod

Brittany Bod photo

Of course her name isn't really Brittany Bod, that came from the name of her web site, But it's not a bad choice for a porn identity considering the amazingness of Brittany's body. When you're blessed with boobs like Brittany's it just seems right to put them on display via a softcore porn career. And when you've got a face like that to go with that deliciously curvy form then, well, you've got several parts of what you need for online babe stardom.

In addition to being a reasonably bad girl on her own web site, Brittany has made a couple of very hot appearances at and made it big in the print world with a pictorial in the February 2010 issue of Penthouse magazine (unfortunately, not as Pet of the Month - we hope that's in Brittany's future).

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